Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taste of Chicago, Joey Waso, And An Indian Chief Punching A Bird

See, I had thought I'd lost the camera. Watching the band, letting it lay on the grass. I found out I have two slots for water bottles on my backpack, and I use neither, being the idiot I am. Well, the one time I DO use it, I find an obstruction, which was, of course, the camera. Every year, I go to the first day of the Taste with Joey Waso, we always head to the original Blackie's first and sit and talk, not so oddly, about the printing business, as this is where I know Joe from, Dipple's PrintShop (as it is known in my fictional Chicago). From there, we just cut around the old Dearborn train station and bam, we're there. It's just a hang out day, my not drinking helped considerably, because a 20 oz. bottle of Pepsi cost $4.00. There's like a billion restaurants offering up food and I went with...Gold Coast Hot Dogs. Can't help it. We saw a band, Joe decided to take a photo of the lead singer and I, seeing as we are at poolar opposites of the hair thing, but he also took a photo of a girl watching the band, because I sure didn't. (These photos are about a month old). I took a few shots of Buckingham Fountain and the general area where the Taste begins, but, honestly? My favorite shote is of the statue of the Indian chief on the horse, trying to punch the seagull.