Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do Not Mistake Coincidence For Fate

Still snowing, but it was around 20 degrees today, warm enough to go without gloves as I walked between the main plant to the warehouse, black ice as my hand holds as I made the curve past Dynamic Electrics. I won't walk that corner, clear of ice, because of that fellow who got run down back in November. It was fifteen years ago that I was walking down Cermak Road, the weather and the ice landscape about the same, because I had a mission. The Four Deuces, one of Al Capone's pads at 2222 South wabash, was being torn down. The place where Geraldo Rivera wanted to break into that vault and then found nothing. I was on a photo op with my disposable camera, interrupted only once by a rumdum beneath the Chinatown elevated tracks who wanted me to sign a petition using a PURPLE CRAYON and asked to offer a dollar to "the cause." I did get a few exterior shots, I'm picky about my demolition photos. But there was one wall plastered with advertisements for local bands. One of them was House of Pain. This is my body, given up for you...Wayne

Do Not Confuse Coincidence With Fate