Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WHY, HIPSTERS? WHY???!!! SHIT FOUNTAIN: Augusta & Wolcott

Yes, this exists. Not far from the three-flat my mother grew up in during the 1930s. But artists and hipsters like to put whatever crap they want out on the street. As a writer, I can't get angry over anything Creative. Photos, poetry, art, sculptures. I just hate that this one thing shows that the real Polish neighborhood of my youth is gone.


On the corner of Division and Hermitage you'll find Phyllis's Musical Inn, owned by Clement Jaskot. I wrote about this place, the now gone Bop Shop, and the now hipster Rainbo Room for PENTHOUSE in a Nightlife article "Faded Dreams on Division Street". I made $1,000 for my novel, THE HOLY TERROR. That same year, I made $2,500 for "Faded Dreams". A buck a word.

The Czar Bar was another Polish joint that I didn't include in my article, the Bop Shop I'll get to in a few days, but Phyllis's is still going strong.