Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ghosts Signs & The Great Schlitz!

Yea, Charles, there must have been some hunters selling their dead 'uns here a hundred years ago. The building in front of it was torn down in the 60s, so Tallow was hidden for generations. I took some photos in Uptown a few years back, and the one for the pawnshop is right below the el tracks. I actually took the photo as a reference for a body bump, but, well, that's my job. A week later--honestly--I went back and there was a sign for some bank that no longer exists. I lucked out there.

I've decided to post these Schlitz signs. I never knew Chicago was so into Schlitz, at least years ago. On the sout' side, its Old Style everywhere, both Zimne Piwo and Cerveza Fria, even plain old Bottles and Cans. A few of you have seen my odd yet lovable Schlitz Congoleum sign from Streator, Illinois, and the one above that is from a cool jazz bar called Schuba's. This just came to mind, never in my life have I seen a Hamm's sign anywhere, not here, Streator, Shelbyville, nowhere.