Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chinatown, Part 1

I have downloaded the photos I took in Kentucky, but it will take me a while to reduce them in size, because I have a lot of them. So I'll finally start posting the photos of Chinatown, taken on the way to meet Mark at the lovely Chinatown Hovel, um, Hotel, and after that we went to see Diana in Oak Park.

The first photo is from the Cermak-Chinatown el stop, even though the diagonal road to the right is Archer Avenue. The Cermak Avenue bridge is just north of Ping Tom Park, so before Chinatown expanded in the 90s, there was a more direct route to Cermak. Then the direct entrance into Chinatown, and I think I'm wrong saying that this is Wentworth Avenue, that might be a block further west. Regardless, there is some ornate entrance above a small concrete area where a lot of old men were reading the Sunday paper. I've included other shots I took as I walked towards the Chinatown Hotel on 21st Place, and when I post those shots, I also took photos of several two and three flats along that street.


Charles Gramlich said...

Love the freize work around that building.

James Robert Smith said...

Is this Chinatown in Chicago? How large an area? Any really cool restaurants of note?