Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Thought I Was Through With These

Well, I had stopped taking photos. And then last Sunday I'm on the porch reading and TWO helicopters pass by, me, of course, without a camera. I mean, even if I was expecting the helicopter(s), it was a SUNDAY! So I waited the usual 34 minutes or so, finishing the book, and when they reappear heading north, they are over Lawler Avenue, a block east. OK, fine, two helicopters. Well, the very next day there is one of those giant monsters with two sets of blades like you see in movies like Outbreak where Morgan Freeman is telling Dustin Hoffman to Get in the plane, Billy! type of helicopters. I couldn't do anything, again, they were over Lawler Avenue. Its always the single helo that  crosses over Leclaire, and I'm assuming it is due to it staying light out longer, they'll be up there, making my windows shake at 9 PM. The final photo shows you what seeing these things for a year has done to me. Remember: I am only 25.