Friday, May 1, 2009

Leading Up To My Nemesis

This was the first shot on the Cloud Gate role. The Transportation Building, where Eliot Ness and the Untouchables did their thing. In a way, Ness was/is a hero to me, though this feeling has faded with time. But, damn. Everything is lined up and the shadow is exactly what I was going for. Usually I am like Jerry Lewis with the camera. This is the best photo I've taken this year.

But there lies a story here, going back to 1987. Max Allen Collins' first novel, about Chicago P.I. Nate Heller. TRUE DETECTIVE. Initially a trilogy set around Capone and Frank Nitti, later Heller is involved with Amelia Earhart, The Black Dahlia, and even James Forrester and Roswell. All brilliant books. But here it is 1987, barely a year after I was cursed, and in that book, there are photos of the main characters. The photo of Eliot Ness is from 1932. Look at his watch. Yep. It is 11:11. Son of a--