Friday, February 6, 2009

After the Great Disaster

I haven't posted because I've been way busy with a writing project. Its about 2 AM now, forget what time it actually says on the blog, its wrong. I'll come up with something when my brain isn't mush. For now...

Well, you know my love for Jack Kirby. Final Crisis just finished, and one of the characters is, sure enough, holding this folded up map Jack Kirby drew for KAMANDI, THE LAST BOY ON EARTH#1, back in 1972. Now I have said that this guy was totally nuts with the stuff he did for DC in the three or four years he worked there. As far as I remember, Kamandi never got past North America, he went through New York, fought gangster robots in Chicago (of course, because Chicago=gangsters FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY), and he probably got to the West Coast, I can't recall. But just look at the shit he had going on here! There is like a decade worth of craziness here and nobody has done anything with it at all. What's your favorite place on the map?