Friday, August 1, 2008

All The News That's Print To Fit

The heat index hit 95 today and so I thought what better thing to do than get six hours of sleep and then walk to the bus stop eating a mini-bagel, then realizing I forgot my bottled water. I had to go to my crazy doctor today, not that he is crazy, rather everyone who sees him is crazy. I just gets my three month scrip for the bipolar meds, swipe a few pens (because that's the way I roll), and pony up twenty dollars because I guess I have that doe-eyed killer clown look that causes doctors to feel sorry that I have no medical insurance and not charge me trillions of dollars like a few of the other patients. Then I went downtown, just because I wanted to continue to swelter and get occasional whiffs of bachelor ass on the train--the effect is that of smelling salts--and visit Graham Cracker comics. Trailer Park of Terror Earl had called to tell me I had a DC Archive book that came in, and I grabbed a few Onions. Then I went and saw The Dark Knight. I have never seen a Batman film in the theaters, I get enough angst-ridden hitched dialogue when I'm talking to myself in the mirror. Well, a few weeks back, a friend commented on how he could not believe that Heath Ledger was that THING. And yet I was still taken aback, at times trying to see the actor under the makeup. The tongue darting towards his scars, the greasy hair. I couldn't do it. Seriously, if I had been in space for the last several years (not an unlikely possibility) and I saw the film (back on Earth) and was asked who played Joker, well, I'd have needed several dozen guesses, after ruling out the obvious, Ernest Borgnine, Abe Vigoda, either of the Olsen twins, Mr. Food. The film itself was OK, like I said, I'm not that big on Batman. But sonovabitch. Best Joker ever. Now I'm taking it easy and catching up on my reading. The doomed planet headline just gets funnier when you read that the Al was using his "given name" of Gore-Al (Superman is Kal-El, Son of Jor-El, Grandson of Sunn-El, yep I'm a geek). A fun day. And I didn't almost electrocute myself once...Wayne