Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wayne Al-Sallee, Al-Queda Operative

Fuck it, let the NSA tag my heading. Christ knows if I get voice activated software as I am resigning myself to with a huge *sigh*, I can expect the same shit I had back in 2000. Back then, the program INSISTED my last name was Sailor. No shit. It INSISTED, as if I must be wrong. "Are you certain?" My reply: "I can use you as a coaster, you fuckburger." (Fuckburger is a word I rarely use, though it is quite common to hear me say fuck fuck fuckitty fuck when I am trying to type. I am adding all of these f words so that the NSA will report back to their superiors (c'mon, Rumsfeld is still the shadow man) that there's this new Arab guy, Al-Sallee, who is causing a stir about a...voice...activated...thingie. To paraphrase that odd film with Patrick Swayze that had Julie Newmar in its title, I think that the first story I read (since I know "they" will be listening) will be called "To Wang Chung With Love, Sirhan Sirhan." Look for me on CNN or check your local listings....Wayne PS I'm ranting because I really don't want to resort to Dragon Naturally Speaking because, to me, its like having to wear adult diapers. I swore I'd never use voice activation. There really is no plus side to this. I'm selling out, pure and simple. And since I have no real photos to go towards this post, I'll just show some of my hideous little Frankenstein body.