Tuesday, March 27, 2007

March 29, 1939

Got up still feeling sick ate breakfast & dashed out of the house. Got to work in time but just made it. At work I did not have much ambition but did the best I could. Then there is a phrase that makes no sense but could easily be the opening line of a story: the horse was upset because Lou Ostnowski had just finished cleaning the house. This book belonged to Ted Mieczynski and he evidently received it on 2/1/39. There is a book mark on July 4th, a blank page, a ditty about PANNING THE BED PAN and stamped in purple by the Thomas W. Roche Lumber Co., with a phone number like they used to be in the good old days, KILdare 7435. As a kid, my number was POTomoac 8744. (Remember CET Television Repairs? Call MOhawk 4-4100, C E T...C E T...) I bought this book, along with a 1922 copy of BEN-HUR for three dollars from a father son book dealership that went out of business, as so many others did when Borders and B&N came to town. Not certain why I chose to post this, just feeling a bit nostalgic, as I always do when the spring weather begins. I hope that Ted M. had a great and hopefully long life, as I sit here feeling immortal, typing while most everyone in the neighborhood is asleep and a gentle breeze flows through my window.