Monday, September 15, 2008

Flashback Monday!

New slogan for our cable company: "Comcast...It's like Payback!" A day after Ike and the only channels I get our, I swear to Mitchum, Lifetime For Women and Game Show Network. How many episodes of CARD SHARKS and JOKER'S WILD can you watch? I decided to post these photos that fell out of an old frame, I cut myself out of various shots. Me with that John Hurt in BODY HEAT hair getting all artsy with the Belushi headline, one of those Polaroid Land cameras. A photo of me SOMEWHERE in Pennsylvania in 1980, a bus ride from college to a nuclear demonstration in DC that attended so as to write an article for the university paper, I think I had just gone to the bathroom in a Hardee's. I read Frank Herbert's THE JESUS INCIDENT along the way and when the bus lost a tire in Toledo we were not allowed into the rest stop because about 95% of the riders looked like Caucasian versions of Cheech & Chong and pretty much people on the interstate ramp were getting contact highs off the fringe jackets. Then there's me in school photos. Yes, there's the bow tie, but I am still trying to figure out why I was sent to school wearing purple pants, plus purple shirt with yellow polka dots, never mind on photo day but on ANY DAY EVER and why the heck didn't I just run away from home and join a circus? I already had my outfit. There might be another photo there, its late and I forgot. Feel free to make up your own flashback anecdote...Wayne