Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Willie Nelson with Ray Charles - Seven Spanish Angels

Stevenson Hall, UIC

First, let me say  that if you see some odd YouTubes appearing here, at least for now it seems that I can only put them on Facebook through Blogger. Watch them, ignore them, it doesn't matter. These photos go back to that day at the U of I (at Chicago), when I saw all those disfigured photos. This is the skyline I was talking about, how I was horribly under-dressed for the lake wind that causes these low clouds.

Stevenson Hall was where I took my writing workshops. One fiction and, for some reason, two poetry. Room 203, taught by James Sloan, and where I wrote "Rapid Transit." That very first story. Wrote the first paragraph, then the first page. The finished story was my final grade in my final class of my final year. June, 1982. I remember faces from the class, a guy with a bandana, a woman who resembled the actress Rachel Ticotin, and a man who always wore a yellow hat because he was allergic to sunshine.