Friday, January 29, 2010

EZ Bake Bowlamatic BreastFest

Actually, the ads have nothing to do with this. No, really? But think about it, kids actually ate crap they baked in a goofy plastic thing. I'll bet this is where some of the lesser known fast food joints got their ideas. Me, I'd shove the bowling figure in the oven, judging him for all his bowling sins. And fashion wear. Yea, its all in black ink, but we know what colors he is wearing. Wait. What am I thinking? I own bowling shirts! Let's just stick with the fact that the guy cheated on the scorecard and his wife, even though he is a piece of plastic attached to a metal stick. I can say what I want here. Attica! Attica!

OK, on to the main event. You all know that I ripped my printer/scanner/unused fax machine apart in December Just Because. It was like an abusive robot lover. So I'm left with taking photos with my webcam. And so we get to this flyer for a Beer and Breast Fest sponsored by the Outlaws. It is all wrinkled and presumably had blown around and gotten stuck in a patch or our icy snow. I know it blew from somewhere else, because our block is composed of polaks and lugans, and no one really wants to be anywhere near 26th & Rockwell, let's leave it at that. Note that on Rockwell on the north side, that there is Insane Unknown turf. How everything comes around on this blog. Dig this tho: the thing runs from January 15 thru February 26. This could be a typo, saw it happen at the plant. If the client signed off on the proof, even if I knew the mistake, he'd just pay again. Ah, commerce. Anyhow. Imagine a six week long party. I suppose it would be a happy party, because as you can read on the bottom, there are no guns or no bad attitudes allowed. 26th & Rockwell is amazingly close to Cook County Jail. Maybe the Fest is actually on the jail grounds? Naw, that couldn't be. Could it?