Friday, April 3, 2009

Crime Scenes & Tapeworms

In my stories, over the years, bad things happened in these photos. Top one: a body was found, you wouldn't think it, but a pool hall is just off camera to the right. Jefferson & Canal is what you see when you leave downtown and walk to the Greyhound Station, a half mile that can be quite scary, even for me. (What seems to work best is my talking out loud like Whit Bissell in I WAS A TEEN-AGE WEREWOLF.) Lots of stuff happens in the tiny alleys between the three flats all over the city. There's an odd little Y-shaped one near the Red Lion (kind of a three-way intersection), and once I cut through the V top to cut a few minutes off my getting to the el and in the I part there were some guys doing something involving something because everything stopped and then we all continued on. Again, I praise Whit Bissell. But what to do about these tapeworms? Was this for real? And we all write made-up fictionalized stories, right?


Charles Gramlich said...

That moment when all motion stops and all eyes look to you can be disconcerting to say the least.

Lana Gramlich said...

About the tapeworms, more importantly, could that possibly be legal today, 'cuz we've certainly got a market for it! If so, I'll go halfers w/you on a tapeworm farm...we'll be rich beyond our wildest dreams!

Capcom said...

I saw something about using tapeworms in the "olden days" for that purpose on either the History Channel or PBS, I think. :-p