Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Nurse With Teeth For Eyes (And Blimps, Too!)

I dreamt about a blimp last night, but that was the best part of it. I was in what looked like a Bloodmobile, very spartan, not an ER-type thing. This woman walks up to me, she has a surgical mask on, but she has teeth for eyes. Of course, I give a girly-scream and run to one of the windows. I have to push away powder blue curtains like you'd see in a mobile home, and I'm baffled that I'm at the nearby intersection of 87th and Cicero, and there is all kinds of gunfire going on between people leaning out of cars with weapons I cannot hear. Suddenly, I'm outside on the street and the Bloodmobile/mobile home thing is gone. The image is like when I describe my dystopian downtown dreams, wet streets, bullhorns in the distance. In the skies were blimps. I woke up then. Man, blimps. I recall what a novelty that was in the 70s. Someone on 85th would see a Goodyear and the news went down the block and back. Irony, everything has to be fast and faster still now, but back in 1977, the slowest thing possible was a sight to see. But that sure doesn't explain the teeth for eyes nurse.


Charles Gramlich said...

That created a rather brutal image in my head. Cool, though.

Steve Malley said...

Teeth for eyes was one of Dean Koontz's favorites back in the eighties and nineties. It pops up again and again from somewhere around Whispers up to The Face.

One cool thing about Minneapolis, one of our local HooHas (fellah named Foshay) was so certain that blimps were the wave of the future, he built a tower with a zepplin-mooring post right on top!

Capcom said...

Wow. Well, maybe you are afraid of the nurse looking at you? If she loks at you something bad might happen? That will be $150 for your analysis please. :o)

I love blimps. Blimp and dirigible...two great words.

Anyone remember Captain Beefheart? ("It's the blimp, the blimp, the mothership!...")

Great pix, what's the hovering spikey thing?!