Friday, February 2, 2007

Well, It's Not Tornadoes or Blizzards...

Sadly, this is me(IN THE SECOND PHOTO) during the daytime, back when it was last as cold as this weekend, January of 2002. But this was during the DAY. Waiting at the bus stop after work, it was dark, I was next to a sign that was basically posted on a lightpole in a guy's driveway, and there was nothing around me but six empty lanes on the I-94 feeder ramp to Indiana. When it gets this cold, my body betrays me. Anybody I have yet to meet in person this century reading this might know about the cerebral palsy on my right side, but its likely that they don't know that the circulatory system in my left hand is gone because of reconstructive surgery after I was hit by a car in March of 1989. After leaving my doctor's office. But I'll tell that story in March. I have part of my right hip in my left forearm--my family doctor, Peter Drugas, knew that it was the only way I'd still be able to type--but the various operations left my left hand my worst enemy on nights like this. I'm actually wrapping three fingers around each other to act as one strong one, still taking breaks every few words. Handwriting is even worse, because it involves the curvature of my fingers. Ironically, my grip is the strongest motion I can make; holding a SCIENCE magazine on the bus, I left indentations at the top of the pages. That's why I haven't been emailing or making blog entries, but I'm not going to keep fighting it, because the weather will continue to drop until Monday. The coldest temperatures since 1996. But as I titled this, nothing but the cold. I've survived the cold, arctic air before, and will do so again. Please, no replies about wishing me well or anything like that. On a night like tonight, I worry more over homeless people (LIKE THE GUY IN THE FIRST PHOTO) sleeping on steam vents in back of the Macy's on Wabash Avenue. I am fine, and to prove it: Tomorrow, I intend to write a blog based on the sound effect...PAETING.


Drizel said...

I LOVE black and white Foto's they tend to bring out a very deep creative feeling in me.
I will not pitty you, Wayne. Take it from another stuborn Person....I will send good Karma...
This piece was brilliant...feels like it was talking in your brain. Like when you see a person on the street and you start trying to think what they think and feel(don't know if I am the only one that does that)....really stunning.

RK Sterling said...

I'm sorry Wayne, I'm still boggled by the image of six empty lanes on I-94. When does that ever happen? lol

I'm not going to offer coddling phrases of condolence because I'm up here (about 30 miles north of you) freezing my butt off, too, and the drastic weather changes affect the arthritis in my back, neck, hands, knees, ankles and feet so that I'm hobbling around like Quasimodo.

Oh, okay, it's not about me. :)
So I'm going to go against your wishes and offer this: I'm sorry you're having such trouble with your hands. I hope you feel better soon and can get back to work on your new novel. :)

abcd said...

Don't fight with the weather, take good care of yourself in a cool day.
Very thoughtful of you been thinking of those less fortunate in a cool weather.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Drizel (etain)--I'll post more B&W photos this weekend. I love them, too. The ones posted were not color and then greyscaled; B&W throwaway cameras are still sold here. I always use disposable cameras, because I never know when I'll get a really cool effect, like the strange lines in the photo I took of myself by the Orange Line el. (Elevated train).

Corinne (PinkGingers)--thanks, too. Like I said, it happens every winter, at least for a few days. I checked out your website on natural therapy, maybe I can find a gem there that would get me through days like this,because I know I drink too much caffiene while I'm writing, etc.

Kate--I thought you were in Michigan for some reason. For everyone else Interstate 94 becomes I-294, the Tri-State Tollway, going up into Wisconsin, as well. I wait for the bus at 127th and Cicero, which is the feeder for I-94 directly into Indiana. Cicero is also Illinois Route 50, so just to the east of where I wait for the bus, there are maybe 6 to 8 off and on ramps to both streets. I-94 can be desolate because of the red lights on the other side of the Cal Sag bridge. Then you see the headlights top the hill in waves.

Drizel said...

cant wait for more pics...if there is a nice one I want to use to write a story about, may I please save it and write about it???
Only if you wanna?
ok bye