Monday, January 4, 2010

Axman's Carnival

I wish I still had my photo of Harry standing in front of Axman Surplus in Minneapolis. His copy is still on the bulletin board in his basement. Well, Diana's basement. What a messed up place, they had huge barrels of dental equipment, Israeli gas masks, bolts and washers...and torpedoes. I'm not lying. The only thing I purchased was from a box of disemboweled Teddy Ruxpins. I lucked out, you can even hold this like a gun.

Harry and I were staying at the Midway Motel on Hammerline Boulevard, and I know how my subconscious works, so when I awoke the next morning, Harry told me I said the words "Axeman's Carnival" in my sleep. I had no reason to disbelieve him. And so I wrote a novella with the same name that I have never sent anywhere at all. I wrote this in 1994. The room at the Midway was funny in that every time we turned on the television, Mr. Rogers was on. Go figure.


James Robert Smith said...

The Teddy Ruxpin thing is hilarious! It makes you look like you were hit with Gamma rays while watching a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

I gift you with a title:

"Axeman's Holiday".

Charles Gramlich said...

There's a place down here called The White Elephant that sounds a bit similar. What a funky place.

Capcom said...

I love places like that. They usually kinda smell funny though.

LOL, "We can rebuild him, we have the Ruxpin technology."

Rich Chwedyk said...

Send out "Axeman's Carnival." What have you got to lose?

This place sounds more fun than American Science & Surplus, if that's possible