Friday, October 9, 2009

Horror of Party Beach, Act III

When last we left booze hound Tina, she had just seen Mr. Vienna Beef. This film, as I said, is interesting for its camera angles and quick cuts, something you can see here, as Tina is evidently crying EEYOW! as blood streams down her leg. This looks (and sounds) more like me shaving on any given day of my life. As everyone runs to the scene, there's a shot of this creepy demonic child looking directly back at the camera. Seriously, it's right there.

The cops officially use the name Party Beach, so now we are in business. I decided to scan the next few pages simply because of the enormous amount of dialogue. All kinds of crazy subtext here. The doctor seems to think that since the monster is amphibian, they must check out all the watery lairs in the area, but then says "let's call it a day." I'm thinking this is Dr. Kervorkian's dad. Remember Hank's older sis, Elaine? Well, a black maid whom we will not see again slaps open the door to her bedroom to tell her some guy is downstairs, "it's that Hank Green." Wait a minute! Maybe Elaine isn't Hank's older sister after all!

Well, anyhow. after the doctor had called it a day and the cops evidently went to the party to hear the Del-Aires sing "You're Not A Summer Love," two chicks leave early. One hears something. They look around. Crickets chirp. And the camera cuts to Mr. Ballpark Frank. Tomorrow: More Newspaper Headlines!


Charles Gramlich said...

Did you ever see Humanoids from the deep? that was a well done version of this kind of theme.

Capcom said...

Someone should definitely make more books of old movies like this!