Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Clown At Midnight

The last few years Grant Morrison has been writing BATMAN, as you know since I've talked about the R.I.P. storyline. Now, I love Morrison but I've never much liked Batman. He's like Wolverine over at Marvel. Once, when I worked at the comic shop and we were doing a count on each new title for the week, Wolverine was on 11 different covers. With Batman its more like, OK, your parents were killed by Joe Chill, let it the fuck go already. Fight crime, but don't let every other story be about some orphaned kid. Two weeks back, on one of the few warm days so far (the day I took the LOST photos), I picked up two trades of Morrison's first dozen issues leading into R.I.P. In the middle of the first trade, a stand alone story. A PROSE story. With painted art by John Van Fleet. An interesting experiment, something we'd never have seen 15 years back when I worked at the comic shop on Archer Avenue.


Charles Gramlich said...

A prose story sounds promising. Imagine, having a bunch of words in a comic book! Will wonders never cease.

James Robert Smith said...

I'm trying to pitch a prose project to some comics publishers as we speak. With lots of art, of course. But not a graphic novel. Prose with tons of full-page illustrations. I'll let you know how it goes.