Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Origin of The Purple Doorway

This was about a block from where Larry and I ate at the White Castle. I wanted the photo simply because the place was named twice and you gotta love that. I'm happy about little things, like the angler of the Old Style sign and the #9 Ashland Avenue bus route sign. The next two photos faced east on 34th. I love the back porches on these old buildings, and I just thought the tree framed a nice vanishing point of telephone poles and snow pockets. So there you go, there's the door. More photos tomorrow. Here's a hint: Bughouse Square.


Charles Gramlich said...

Makes me think SO much of the Red door bar here.

James Robert Smith said...

Was "Ranchita" still in business?

Capcom said...

Nice doors. :-)

Is that a tavern on the corner? For some reason I've always liked corner taverns. There is a very cool old Irish corner tavern just outside of West Point, that this photo reminds me of. The inside was filled with amazing historical items. I miss it.