Thursday, March 20, 2008

Don't Pay The Ferryman

For those reading the previous post and learning about my first death for their first time, I've included some photos of my arm over various periods of 1989. I wore casts for 291 days, but at times got to air my skin out. All of my diary entries, as they might be called, are in DarkTales' TRUE TALES OF THE SCARLET SPONGE. The Sponge could either be my gauze around my arm in the early days or the contusions to my brain which still haunt me with my nosebleeds. I'm not showing the photos of me after laser surgery was done to remove two of the clots in 1993. And so this part of my tale keeps me forever in a time loop, March 18th 1989 to now to March 18th 1989 as if the first time machine was created on March 18th 1989 and therefore I could not go back further in time, to my previous life, because the barrier was the day the time machine was built. I guess I should pay the ferryman after all, because I did get to the other side. God help me...Wayne


James Robert Smith said...

You didn't have sestercii on you, so he brought you back.

Charles Gramlich said...

"Tales of the Scarlet Sponge" was an incredible piece of writing.

Lana Gramlich said...

Remind me never to visit your blog immediately after eating lunch... <:\
Got your postcard, btw. I appreciate your gratitude & was just glad I was able to help. :)
Happy Spring, btw!

Steve Malley said...

You made it. I am... pleased.