Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Frankenstein's Den

Two posts as day, am I crazy or what? When talking about my cassette mix about 12 hours ago, I neglected to mention one of the all time coolest songs ever, by The Hollywood Flames, a do-wop band barely known outside of LA. Pull up a tombstone and sit down, Frankenstein is back in town. He has a den, forty feet below the ground, all the monsters and ghouls are there, and the house beverage is strychnine and soda pop. The best line is in the chorus, "Frankenstein's got a den, you won't come out a-like a-you went in." One of the band members changed his last name to Byrd and made a hit with "Rockin' Robin" and they did the original version of "Little Bitty Pretty One." The first few lines, as the music kicks in, one of the dudes does a pretty cool accidental Dean Martin, riffing "Ooh, that's mighty fine..." I shall continue my trip down memory lane tonight, sans photos of Merv and the Hass. Oh, the Burger King shot is care of the Ghost Town blog, it was the only Google image I could find...Hallowe'en time sure aint fun at high noon....Wayne


Drizel said...

Interresting....I like the pics...they are kewl....hihihi:)

James Robert Smith said...

I love doo wop stuff. I don't know about those guys, so I'll have to try to find their work.

My favorite doo wop group of all time was The Five Keys. You can read all about them here:


One of their weirdest hits was "Ling Ting Tong", which made me realize that back in the day, EVERYONE was allowed to treat Asians like shit.

Charles Gramlich said...

doo wop makes my hair curl. Give me some satanic death metal any time.

Lana Gramlich said...

FYI, I'm 99% certain that Frankenstein over Burger King is at the top of Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I used to visit the Falls area every day (& for a while I even worked for the hydro company & had access to places tourists could only dream of.)
BTW, do you happen to post comments on ABCNews articles online under the handle "Frankenstein5959" or is someone ripping on your blog title?