Monday, December 18, 2006

The Value Of The Blog

Sid Williams is much better at adding those hyperlinks; I will just direct you to check the sidebar for Willy Sid (a police informant in my stories and novel), Charles Gramlich (who graciously wrote the intro to my recent collection), and Stewart Sternberg (whose blog photo looks like he has just taken a swipe at James Lipton). A discussion on their blogs in recent days involves the value of the blog. I have a different take on this, perhaps, because I do not drive, never have and never will. So, in truth, several of my blog entries are simply meant to be humorous, indeed, it was Sid who suggested I start a blog because of some of my e-observations. I also thought it a good venue for posting photos, instead of on flickr (I have an account with dust on it by now) or some other photo-thingie. But in those entries that have insight or introspection, those are my thoughts on any given walk to or from the bus stop. Whichever bus stop. Or while waiting for the el. Long thoughts, we called them as kids, the guy who lived the farthest had the long thoughts once the others hit their gangways between the Humboldt Park three-flats. At my very best, the words you read here are images from my mind while I was walking down an unlighted street that curved towards 127th and the I-94 interchange, cars blurring past with every small step I take. And that about sums it up...Wayne


Charles Gramlich said...

I've been trying to mix my blog up a bit, mixing in some humor (which I'm not very good at), some personal commentary, and some general commentary on writing. A lot of time it's just whatever strikes me at the moment, of course.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Your blog has been a good mixture. I confess, I think I like this incarnation better than the last. Except, you have to lighten the background a wee bit so I don't squint when I read.

Ah the holiday season. If you have to walk everywhere or take a bus, or rely on the wheels of others, then it must suck when the snow starts or the temps drop. And in Chicago...brrrr.

Good think Chicago has such a heralded public transit system.

Sidney said...

Man, my beard was much darker then.

Michael Fountain: Blood for Ink said...

(singing) "Ah, but I was so much darker then/ I'm blonder than that now..."