Monday, December 18, 2006

More About Those Trading Cards

Well, this is frightening. Somehow the images doubled over, which just continues to prove the adage The Computer Remains My Nemesis. Well, anyways. First there was a shot of me as a junkie, then you saw the shot of me with the yuppie girl, portrayed by Laurie Fuka, and here I am being massaged by her husband Ted, although Ted seems more involved with his reflection than my aching back. These trading cards are kept with my Ed Wood and Outer Limits cards, so who better to add to the batch than Dudley Manlove ("You stupid humans! Stupid! Stupid!" Imagine Felix Unger using zombies to conquer Canoga Park.) and some guy who is as I type this is holed up at Fort Detrick, Maryland, trying to find a cure for AIDS and create a new bio-terror weapon. A win-win situation. Still trying to figure out the repeating images, Wayne

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