Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Day Later, Mickey Dolenz Gets Swallowed By A Snake-Python

OK, here's the dilly-o. I posted that YouTube yesterday because I try to sing the lyrics every time I'm kayaking. I'm floating down the river with a saturated liver...Well, symmetry come to visit again. I'm flipping channels between Game Show Network and History Revealed when I suddenly see Dolenz on screen. SyFy, no less. He's singing at a cotillion or something. I couldn't find the film, or Dolenz's acting credit, on IMDb. It goes like this, he steps up on stage, and then is promptly swallowed whole by the big snake thing. OK, its a python. I swear I saw none of the film until Micky D's name was actually being announced on the screen. And I'm curious as to if he would have sang "Goin Down," which is his signature song.

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James Robert Smith said...

How appropriate!

I feel sorry for Dolenz, Jones, and Tork. A sorry fate for the three, indeed. Nesmith at least had a rich and varied career after the Monkees debacle.