Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wabash Castle

One of the few times I actually saved photos that would actually mean something in later years. I'm taking the photo from el train running over Wabash, but the building was on Michigan. Used to be a brewery a hundreds years back. Both these photos are from the 80s when the stretch between Wabash and Michigan might well have been farmland. Now its all condos. Long before that happened, the castle--already partly crumbled by time--was replaced by a block long building with some sort of antennae on top.


Charles Gramlich said...

An antennae? Probably a control center for the black helicopters.

Rich Chwedyk said...

That "castle" is the remnant of the Chicago Colisseum, which was built from some of the stones taken from, if I'm not mistaken, the notorious Libby Prison of the Civil War.

I can't remember much about the building east of it, but that antenna, again if I'm not mistaken, belonged to WVON at one time.

East of Michigan, I believe, was an old church that burned down in a tremendous fire in the early 1970s.

There were a lot of those (tremendous fires) in those days.