Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Friends & Faces, End of Summer 2010

Well, evidently I am typing this and just can't see how it will turn out. Let's go from the top. There's Jimmy, then Emmet. Jimmy again.I don't even care for the white lady, she has a puppy with her and I've seen her for months. Serious BS with her. Not making a big effort there, homeless or not. The one lady with that knot on her hair?  I saw her from the back as I was coming up the subway steps, but she turned and  just looked out of it, like she simply had a joyless job and existence. The big black dude was walking by near the puppy lay, muttering at everyone. Across the street from the puppy lady was the woman with the pink baasket, her name is Magda.  We talked for a long time and I gave her five dollars and she wanted to kiss me. I told her, no, you gave me good company. That last photo I love, I took it as I was walking down the stepsa, barely stopping. The way the girl in the billboard is starring at the dude, I hadn't even noticed the billboard.


Charles Gramlich said...

Great faces there. scribbled all over with life.

James Robert Smith said...

I used to talk to the homeless and dismayed folk who would wander around my old store near downtown. But a couple of them tried to stick because I was nice to them and it became a real chore to disengage them. I have pity for the confused among us, but I don't have the time to take care of them.