Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear Anonymous

Regarding the anonymous comment posted today on my Lake & Walnut entry--well, its NOT posted, as I don't post anything by someone who can't at least pretend to have a real name, and I'm not being mean-spirited, because there's always the chance of spam--but here you go. I did NOT grow up in the St. Denis neighborhood. I grew up on Crystal Street, in Humboldt Park, a block from Division and California, and I walked up Washtenaw to St. Fidelus.

In 1966, my dad was transferred to the 8th District and the photo above is the block I lived on, near Dawes grade school, not even close (by walking standards) to St. Denis. So I'm not pretending to say I grew up in Humboldt Park, before it was all fucked up by hipsters and their town homes.

For everyone else (and Anonymous), there is a new post below this one.

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James Robert Smith said...

Looks like a cool, old-fashioned working class neighborhood.