Saturday, March 20, 2010

Buddy the Mitch, Brown & Blue

This photo was taken about 5 PM, but it looks like I took it hours later.Nope, I was going for a shadow thing off of Buddy the Mitch's head. At least it's a good shot of his different colored eyes. I was coming back from taking the photos of Pago Pago and I always have a bone for him in my pocket. If I get killed in the street, the cops will have that bone to scratch their heads over. I've lost interest in the helicopters, these will likely be the last of the set.


G. W. Ferguson said...

Have you checked Buddy the Mitch for alien implants? Have you checked YOURSELF for alien implants? Your loss of interest might be programmed.

I'm going to have to remember to carry weird things in my pockets from now on--I like the idea of the police doing a WTF? as they remove my crumpled remains from whatever Richmond side street I'll be found on (dying in the apartment is already covered what with the skull collection, the monkey brain, the rifles and handguns, the piles and piles of books...).

Sidney said...

I love Buddy!

Down is up, though. You have sunny weather and it's snowing in Texas?

James Robert Smith said...

Yes, please. No more helicopters. Everyone does helicopters.