Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vintage Vinyl

Well, these are odd. About the craziest LP I ever had was of The Harmonicats. But these are cool looking covers, the last one I really only added for the lame-o songs. Love the jazz cover and evidently the swingers are also bowlers! The music for Mixed Emotions is neat for the colors. Like Batwoman kissing Batman, their outfits covering everything but their Bat-Socks. The one with the two girls dreaming? I'd be dreaming if I was lying prone in a pile of snow, too.


James Robert Smith said...

I love those weird old record covers. The thing I miss most about the vinyl record format is the wonderful graphics. Those fantastic covers, the inserts, the sleeves, the lyric sheets, the booklets, etc.

I like that last one. I'm a sucker for redheads. Well endowed ones. The model for that is now a saggy old woman. If she lives at all.

Lana Gramlich said...

Some of those old records were just SOOO bad. That last one's hysterical!