Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lenore's Kitchen, Lithuanian Plaza

These are from my trek to Holy Cross Hospital down Lithuanian Plaza, the same roll of film where I stopped at Fat Johnnie's and its frozen canoe flower box. Last September, I posted shots of the taverns now closed or keeping mysterious hours, but I was unable to take photos in front of Lenore's. A few guys were hanging out in front and it was more a respect thing,as they got that I was taking photos of the old Lugan bars. But, really, just look at the empty lot that is directly east of the Kitchen, the photos almost match when held next to each other. Seriously, what the shit, right? I stood in front of Lenore's and took a photo of the old deli, then an angled shot towards California and the church right before the hospital parking lot that kinda shows how many buildings are boarded up or just plain sad looking.


James Robert Smith said...

Here in the South we have this weird thing--you'll be hiking through the woods. I'm talking deep forests with the nearest road access being anywhere from one to several miles away. And you're just hiking along, and suddenly, right in front of you is the rusted (or ruined) hulk of an abandoned car.

And at that point you realize the resilience of Mother Nature. Yeah, once, not terribly long ago, you could drive a car to that spot. But since then an entire healthy forest has grown up around the car. Sometimes THROUGH the car!

And the cars are sometimes not all that old, in the scheme of things. I've seen late 70s-era autos with trees growing through their hoods.

Someday Chicago will be a forest with strange piles of rubble and funny things scattered through the groves of pines and oaks. Of living people, there will be no trace.

Stewart Sternberg said...

As we get older it seems that things speed up and change becomes a tsunami, replacing all the familiar with the alien and unwanted. Maybe it's just as well that none of us are immortal.