Saturday, April 25, 2009

Words & Shapes

My post headings have been showing little imagination of late. A few blocks from the vinegar factory I found the beginnings of a new building. Then there were the two small storefronts next to the Salvation Army Thrift Store near my house. I took a few shots of various holes in each set of walls, this is the best one. Lastly, I just found the graffiti kind of odd, yet matching the general color scheme of the construction site. Sometimes I wish I knew how to describe how my brain works that I find these odd angles and color schemes. But I can't.


Charles Gramlich said...

Man, looks like they could use a ...Shamwow to help them clean up that mess. Unfortunately, my Shamwow is busy down here. I'm going to try out all those experiments with it. I'm just getting ready to spill some soda on the bar.

Lana Gramlich said...

I find it better not to worry about WHY something appeals to me, rather, just enjoy the liking of it.
That said, thanks for the recent mailing. The Onions have us both laughing. I love "Salmonell-Os!"
E-mail me your address...I have something to send you back. ;)