Monday, April 6, 2009

The Ultimate Gold Coast Dogs Post

Well, no its not at all, but its better than my one from February, where I just talk about the place but have no actual photos of my own. These are from two different disposable cameras, one that went back to the winter winter days, the other I completely used up on Saturday. I decided to get some sunshine, use my 30% coupon at Borders (I bought DREAM CITY by Brendan Short), and wander around. Later, I decide to photograph some bungalows around 49th and Oakley--a few blocks from the Western Avenue el stop--but the surprises I found there are best described when I post the photos. So, the wonderful Vienna Beef hot dogs on steamed sesame seed buns. Backwards on up, the shot from Saturday shows you how tiny the one remaining GCD is, and that monolith in the background is the Trump Tower. You can also see the el platform, I can easily eat two hot dogs before I get onto that platform. Easily. I saved my remaining two from a previous visit downtown--using the other camera--and saved the hot dogs in the bag because it was too windy to open the bag at street level. Here's what the last two of my four hot dogs looked like as I sat and waited for my train. I didn't let one pass there, five different trains share both sides of the tracks over Wabash. And, of course, I am now superbly hungry.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm not a huge hot dog fan but those look purty tasty.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Did you ever think about getting out of Chicago; maybe moving to a smaller town? I lived in Detroit (no, it's no isn't even Cleveland or Toledo, these days, it isn't much at all) and left the city when my ex wife needed a change. We divorced, she's back in the city and I'm in a rural area. I think now I would like to move in a bit closer to an urban setting.

Maybe one person's change is another person's nightmare. Just wondering if that is something you would ever consider or if it was even possible for you.