Sunday, April 12, 2009

Can't A Guy Just Answer The Phone?

And, really, why is $53.00 a matter of life or death for Dan Duryea? There will be a quiz.


Charles Gramlich said...

53? is that the price of the girl in the ad?

James Robert Smith said...

Woo! Hot babe in the "Chicago Calling" lobby card!

Now I want to know why he needs that $53!!!

Lana Gramlich said...

$53??? *ROFL* Gads, how I LOVE it when things go "dated!"

Capcom said...

And why is Julie London in a spanish flick? Or is that just a spanish poster for an english movie? :-)

Rich said...

Well, the top picture's gotta be from DOCTOR SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM. Gold Key super hero. I loved Doctor Solar perhaps for no other reason than I was there at the origin -- meaning, I bought DS number 1, volume 1, right off the stands -- a super hero origin not in past-tense. Of course, I didn't know he was a super-hero at the time -- he still hadn't picked out that distinct purple tights outfit yet.

I wonder what it means that it seems doctors always lured me to comic books. DOCTOR STRANGE lured me to Marvel. DOCTOR SOLAR lured me to Gold Key. Go figure. Though featuring dinosaurs was a bigger lure: that's how I got into TUROK: SON OF STONE, KONA: MONARCH OF MONSTER ISLE and even TARZAN (pre Russ Manning Gold Key at first -- don't get me started on MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER). I bought a lotta Gold Keys and Dells. Dinosaurs and doctors. Who'd have thought?

-- Rich