Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mendota, Illinois

Today the space shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station made a double fly-by and it made me think of my photo of these cows looking at the meteor. Mendota is due west of Chicago, my writer friend Trey Barker is a Bureau County cop in nearby Princeton, and his wife LuAnn runs Green River Books. Trey tells me that the majority of his job entails arresting meth dealers and answering calls about someone having a flat tire and swearing about it. I visited Trey in 2005 and as we drove around, he told me several stories that would fit right in here in Chicago. You know, one of the crimes I played around with and made a fiction out of it. Think I'll add it here. Don't need to read it, I mostly posted the cows and the ISS in front of the moon. Hell, I can't find the story. It's late. Remind me to tell the story about the woman who found the purse with blood on it but she was late for the beauty parlor. Deal?


Charles Gramlich said...

One wouldn't want to miss a hair appointment with Frau Blueckenstassal.

James Robert Smith said...

Cops almost always have great stories. I'm talkin' kickass great stories. At least the cops I've known.

Mailmen have great stories, too.

So did the AT&T installation guys in the day when they were the only "phone company" in the world.