Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Full Moons I Can't See In Chicago

Well, its more like its ^%$&( cloudy as hell every full moon these past six months, but only the top one is from here, so there you go. I mentioned Louis, he of the Four Sticks curse (and, yes, I apologize Charles, you got double-whammied by knowing both me AND Sid), and he provided a fantastic shot from Monday over the space shuttle's moorings. A few others I've saved in my astronomy photos folder over the months are here, as well. That last one? Well, its really the sun seen from Mars.


Steve Malley said...

Mars, you say?

Reminds me an awful lot of your average winter afternoon in Minnesota, that special time of year where you can stare directly at the sun, assuming it's even visible!

Charles Gramlich said...

I thought the sun never set on the Barsoomian empire.

Capcom said...

Nice photos, and sorry that you couldn't see the moon this week. It was so warm for a few days, I sat out in the back yard next to the fire pit under the moon pretending that I was a cowgirl out on the range. It seemed unusually large and bright.