Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Frankenstein's Den

I have more outdoorsy photos to post, but its late (the time is posted below, but I think I have my blog set to American Samoa time, not sure). Here's what the lab looks like, I'm kinda glad Mitchum and Jane Greer from OUT OF THE PAST are faintly visible on the computer screen. Yea, me. The shelf on the right, the one with Steve McQueen, has all the books I am in. The shelf beneath my desk holds odd books I have found at thrift stores, like the first guide to America Online and Writer's Market 1973, a Polish and Ukrainian cookbook, and various Chicago reference books. I'm also sitting there with my August 16th 1977 Sun-Times front page (which I bought for fifty cents in 1982, and yea, I know!) before I hung it up in another section of my room. Then there's the Greg Loudon painting. Yea, I posed for it. That's my face, and hair, in 1991. I've tried to take a few photos of this recently and they've never been this good. I even set it out front Sunday with Buddy the Mitch so it would scare away the Jehovah Witnesses. Its early in American Samoa, but I need to eat my ice cream and blow this joint. I'll keep the Tesla coils on low...Wayne


Steve Malley said...

Y'know, I think you *are* on Samoan time-- that posting says it's only one hour off of me!

Btw, the Mitch is one fine-looking fellah!!

Charles Gramlich said...

Hum, looks like you could hide a lot of crack in those lips.

Capcom said...

Nice painting!

You need a more cushy work area! No wonder working is so painful. I used to be in charge of ergonomics in my lab, I could set you up properly. :-)