Monday, November 10, 2008

Here's My Ride!

Actually, that's not Death lurking by the street light. Its some dude reminding me that it will be Four Sticks Day in a few hours.


James Robert Smith said...

The four sticks. I actually got screwed because of good news. It's true!

My son and I were supposed to be hiking the five-mile trail to the Len Foot Hike Inn on a mountain in north Georgia. But--wonder of wonders!--his employer called him back and took him back in after he'd been laid off! So now he has his job back, but I had to cancel our reservations.

Double hockey sticks strike!

Charles Gramlich said...

Oh wow, forgot it was 4 sticks day.

Capcom said...

Another postive way to ride the 1111-day (besides honoring veterans) is to celebrate an old Victorian holiday, "The Festival of Martinmas". St. Martin of Tours is considered the patron saint of beggars, outcasts, and such. The Victorians used to single out Nov.11 for helping the poor with food, clothes, etc. :-)