Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Creature Features

Last year about this time, I was recalling our Saturday night fright time. Friday might have been The Midnight Special, but Saturday at 10:30 PM was Creature Features, and now that I have high speed and can figure out how to find files on YouTube, I'm sending along the intro, which always scared the crap out of me as a kid, between the panning shots of Bela behind the tree, that creepy Renfield crawling across the floor dressed like F. Scott Fitzgerald and the music which I later learned to be Henry Mancini's EXPERIMENT IN TERROR. Like TELSTAR and even HARLEM NOCTURNE (which I've never mentioned before), I have to admit that there are more than a few Where Did That Come From instrumentals out there. Enjoy the music and the good old Universal Monsters, the best kind of monster pals anyone could ever hope for.


Charles Gramlich said...

Not sure why but it's not playing for me. I never grew up with this kind of show but later in life I enjoyed Dr. Boo's Theater. I think it was really Dr. booze.

Capcom said...

LOL Charles. :o)

Oh, I do luvs me some Henry Mancini! I grew up on my Dad listening to his records. I'll have to try to get this song, maybe Ultra Lounge has put it on one of their albums.

That is an awesome intro! When we first moved to NY there was a Creature Features show on WPIX-11, but its opener was a claymation cemetary scene with a 6 or 7 fingered hand coming out of the ground. :-)

Steve Malley said...

Happy Halloween!!

by Yvonne Navarro said...

Oh, I LOVED Creature Features! One of the highlights of my life back then was that when we got our first color TV (yes, I'm THAT old), the old b&w portable was given to me for my room. Friday night was IT and everything revolved around CREATURE FEATURES. And, of course, Creepy and Eerie magazines, with the occasional Vampirella. Oh, to be young again!