Friday, May 9, 2008

See You In The Funny Pages

Well, between tonight's episode of LOST and my continued adoration of everything Stacy Keibler, the best I can do is offer up some comic relief. I really am going to tell the face down on the Pelecanos novel story soon. And it involves a brush with mortal injury, too. Much like the cover of that Rifleman comic...Wayne


Charles Gramlich said...

I was a big fan of the Rifleman. THat Disney orgy is just so wrong, my friend.

Lana Gramlich said...

I've seen the Disney thing before--so sadly true/brilliant! Thanks for all of the other laughs. I love the Lex Luthor thing!
Sorry I've been AWOL--playing tour guide for my Canadian friend lately. Things will be back to "normal" later this week.

James Robert Smith said...

Did Wally Wood do that Disney spoof? Seems like it's his? Am I right?

Anonymous said...

I read every issue of every book Warren put out until he started hiring all of those Philipino artists and the company went straight to Hell.

My problem is that I recall all of the stories to some degree, but not the titles. I'm sure I've read it.

I also liked the THUNDER AGENTS stuff, too. Wood and Ditko outdid themselves.

Do you recall the stuff that Ditko did for Warren after he'd quit Spider-Man? His most phenomenal work. There was this amazing burst of if he was suddenly "free" or something. He worked in all kinds of styles and experimented with various inks and washes and goache. His finest work, by far. He never seemed as good after that, though. Did the stuff at DC...and then faded.

Did you see the news that someone donated to the Library of Congress every single page of original art for Amazing Fantasy #15? Every single page, including all of the backup stories for that issue! The pages were first offered by the anonymous donor to Steve Ditko, who refused them (crazy fucking Libertarian!). So they were given to the Library of Congress and can be viewed by anyone by appointment. Rumor is that the donor is Marie Severin, and rumor has it that she has MUCH MORE similar stuff and that it will either be returned to the artists who created it, or similarly donated to the Library of Congress.

Did you also hear that Marvel Comics sent Steve Ditko a check (out of the blue) for $17million, and that he returned it! Crazy fucking Libertarian!