Friday, May 2, 2008

Locke On Lost

I've been told that I look like Terry O'Quinn, who plays John Locke on LOST, but I think its more of a cross between Locke and Nosferatu. All we really have in common are bald heads, elf ears, and the obsessiveness with touching our scalps as if they are Magic 8-Balls. My niece mentioned my head rubbing earlier, I thought, well, its a good stepping stone for an otherwise odd posting. But it does give me reason to post my self-taken with a dispoasable camera photo of Half-Locke on the neon ABC sign at State & Lake. I was on the el tracks and wasn't even certain the photo would come out. As it is, it always makes me think of a giant Locke peeking around the corner from Randolph Street....I'll be posting about the Numbers Stations and Conet tomorrow, but my idea for the post is not clear as of yet. The Magic 8-Ball head I have says "murky...ask again later..."......Wayne


Sidney said...

I tested as Locke in one of those online "Which Lost Character Are You?" tests once. Not sure what that means.

Charles Gramlich said...

That top pic looks like his face is on the Moon.

Capcom said...

Hi Wayne!

It does look like a giant Locke! Perhaps he would have made a more interesting Cloverfield monster. :o)