Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fire...Bad! Gut...Worse!!!

I saw my doctor about the leg wound, because it was swelling and I was a bit delirious from lack of sleep. While there I got this strange printout after I stood on a scale, which I thought was for taking my weight. (I suppose I should have been curious when I was asked to put on goggles with orange circles at the edges, but crazy wacky sleep-deprived pain will make one overlook such details.) But if I had know that I looked like, well, you can see IT, a middle-aged man with a gut the size of Iowa--the portion between MacGregor and Lansing on any Atlas will do--well, damn it all. I surely could have posed better. And what the hell's with the Wayne as Terminator shots? My job covered the bill, so at least I can laugh about something other than the bill for stepping on the scale. As if the still shot of the gut isn't enough, I also have a CD so I can make my Frankenstein gut photo into a damn screen saver...Wayne


Charles Gramlich said...

Hum, there are some strange things about that skeleton. Are you sure you're human? As for the gut, relax man, yours covers fewer states than mine does.

Anonymous said...

How's the leg?

James Robert Smith said...

You're an aging superhero! THAT's a gut??!!