Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back In My Madhouse

Hard to believe I haven't been downtown since November. I chaperoned my niece and her friends to see RENT at the Cadillac Palace, taking them on the el, then scooting off for the next two hours. Took the Red Line to the Red Lion, closed but not yet demolished. Took a photo of the faded Crest sign where the also closed 3 Penny Cinema was. Watched a guy sit for about twenty minutes in front of the State of Illinois Building. He wasn't begging, though there were many others on the streets. This guy just seemed lonely and lost. A few blocks over a guy ate pizza from a box in a garbage can, then huddled under a Northwestern University blanket pulled up to his nose. My favorite moment was walking through a very cool section of the subway, near Jackson Boulevard. Anybody could be around that corner. A cool place for a showdown, the famous, final scene. But I had to chaperone the girls back, so this was not the day for adventure....Wayne


James Robert Smith said...

Isn't the Red Lion where the genre community did readings? Didn't know it was coming down. Alas.

Amazing shot of the subway tunnel. We just got our first light rail line here in Charlotte. The dumbass right wing fuckwads--how they wailed. Waste of money and all that, the dumbass bible-humping republiKKKan shitheads. Nice, modern trains. Unfortunately, it doesn't yet run to my side of town, else I'd ride it. Leave the personal vehicle at home.

kuroshii said...

hemlockman, yes that's where the readings were but never fear: it's being rebuilt. it will return. as will we. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I like the line. "not the day for adventure." One can read much into that.