Saturday, January 26, 2008


The hinge in my neck is pretty much back in place since the sub-zeros have left town for the time being. I can crack my neck (at times) so well that it echoes on the brick at the plan and my eyesight jiggles afterwards. Weather and stress will do the same thing to my body, and, for those of you coming in late, Sid and I once bandied the idea about of doing Strangers On A Blog post, providing us each ways to tell stories about our respective hells without leaving a trail. (Well, we wouldn't if I would, oh, STOP, bringing it up, and I do think this might make another story we could co-write and then sell to some UK crime anthology because they seem to like us in England but only as a team). I work a digital color copier at my job, my boss calling me a "colorcopyologist" all-one-word, so it makes as much sense as my being Mitchum Marlboro Spartacus at the bus stop, except for the perks like, well, none come to mind. Well, leaving the hoopie-doopie technical jargon aside, the effing machine has been repaired so many times that I've basically spent my days sleeping, working, reading, and shaking my fists to the ghost of Karl Edward Wagner that he drop the Nordic weather fun and just start burning the damn south suburbs down already. I worked again today, as I will tomorrow. All by myself, against the law, but we all know I flirt with death simply by flossing my teeth or using a letter opener (to open LETTERS!). 17 days of snow in the last 30, crazy weather that matches my mood swings. Should the computer again start dropping pieces of rubber and screws tomorrow, I might take my father's service revolver to it. I wouldn't dress like Magnus, though. I think MITCHUM, ROBERT FIGHTER was a film that should've been made. If anything, I should write a damn story with thast title, ya think?.....Wayne


James Robert Smith said...

Yeah, I think.

I like the story (apparently true) of Mitchum beating the shit out of two Marines in a bar.


Lana Gramlich said...

I don't know about the story, but I do think you should consider moving South. I mean, I abhor Winter, but I can't hold a candle to you (pardon the pun)!

Charles Gramlich said...

How about Mitchum as a robot Spartacus? Now there would be movie.

RK Sterling said...

Hmmm.... maybe it's just me, but I find those pictures oddly disturbing. The second reminds me of Jack LaLane. :)

Anonymous said...

Screeeeee!!! I have that Magnus Robot Fighter comic. I had a big crush on
Leeja. I suppose fashions change in 4000 AD, but I always thought Magnus
looked like he forget to dress when he left the house.

Robert Fighter? Sure. Between Max Cady and Harry Powell, there's a lot to
fight with a Mitchum (a lot to light with a Marlboro?). By the way, what
deoderant do you use? I never know what to do when I see those containers at

Alas, Bobak's has closed down their buffet/restaurant but the grocery store
is still going. I saw a big stack of their pickles the other day, with the
same sort of label on the jars.

-- Rich

Anonymous said...

Oh, I learned about Russ Manning thanks to Gold Key -- Manning also drew their Tarzan comics (Leeja and Jane Porter were pretty much the same woman). I always thought Gold Key was underrated. They put out Magnus, Twilight Zone, Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, Turok Son of Stone (picking it up from Dell, as they did many other titles, though not Kona Monarch of Monster Isle) and probably a few more I've forgotten. I loved their oil/acrylic-style covers. Though they were infrequent and weak on super-hero titles, they should have been given more credit. Joe Orlando and a number of other big names worked for them on and off.

I like the idea of Bobak deoderant -- the smell of sausage, pickles and cabbage! To wear with your White Castle after shave.

-- Rich