Saturday, December 29, 2007

Smacking Windows

I had a particularly decent post, but it will not be much good if I cannot load the photos I wanted to, and good old dial-up is slow from our wind and snow (or the coming Ragnarok). So I'll sneak in a post before midnight, stating the obvious about what I'd like to say to my computer on nights like this...Wayne


Charles Gramlich said...

Make sure to post this photo where the computer can see it. Maybe it'll straighten up.

James Robert Smith said...

I love those old paperback covers and titles!

One of my most hideous deeds was in 1975. We had just moved from the clean mountains of northern Georgia (abandoning our 120-acre woodland retreat) to the hideous filth of coastal Georgia where my dad owned retail property.

We had moved vast amounts of books from my dad's failed shop in Chattanooga into a building he owned in Brunswick, GA. There wasn't enough room in storage and he had to clear up some space. "We've got to get rid of a lot of this crap," my dad told me. He started choosing stuff for me to take to the dump. Bin after bin after bin, and box after box after box of vintage paperback books.

Even as I hauled them to the county dump and turned them out into the filthy landfill, I realized that it was something of a crime, as I watched all of those lurid covers go falling into the oozing pit.


Lana Gramlich said...

*ROFLMAO!* Thanks, I needed that!