Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Cosmic Treadmill

Catching up on lots of stuff, since my 21 Days of Night when I saw the moon, Venus, and Regulus in the at the bus stop each morning like the Three Evil Stooges. I'm posting several of the foreign edition covers I have been in. I now have Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.2 but I can only download it into French or Dutch, so again, The Computer Remains My Nemesis. Got the final FINAL proofs in for the Midnight Library edition of THE HOLY TERROR. I guess I didn't have much to say after all.


Drizel said...

This is your room, you need not speak if you dont feel like it:0)

James Robert Smith said...

Why the problem with the program? Is it the copy?

Steve Malley said...

Keep us posted on how the Dragon goes for you. I wasn't kidding about being interested in trying it out!

RK Sterling said...

I'm so sorry, Wayne, but I had to laugh - it only works in French or Dutch?!

Hey, aren't the Dutch big fans of yours? Too bad it doesn't translate it for you from English.