Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Painkiller Looming

The way this cover plays out, it looks as if the victim in my book is Martin Last, a guy who at times crawls inside the base of the Picasso sculpture to keep warm. That was me on Sunday, the same glasses I'm wearing now as I type, the three-day beard I saved for the photo, the fire escape from the photo I took Saturday. Seems like Greg always gets better with what he does and here I am, just promoting a reissued book (at least as a trade edition, the original costing $29.95, the kiss of death for any first time novel). Hell, Greg's work is so much better, I can see my nasal passages and why I have trouble breathing in the winter. The cover might change, there were many poses and shots taken. That other thing is me posing back almost twenty years ago, Greg had a gig illustrating an article about married men who were incarcerated. He's been doing his voodoo as long as I have, but back at the beginning, I was still stumbling around like Jack Lemmon in AIRPORT '77. Well, that's a bad comparison, but its late and I probably dressed in sport jackets back in the 80s. With the same sinus passages, no doubt. More people need to be aware of this guy...all I have to say. Wayne


James Robert Smith said...

Yes, HOLY TERROR was expensive. Especially for the day. But I bought a copy. Because I'd read your short fiction. I knew it'd be good. I was right.

I'll look for the reissue, too. Hopefully it'll find a wider readership, since the Zeissing edition was promoted principally to the colletors marketplace (my impression).

Charles Gramlich said...

I like the new cover. I don't know if I ever told you, but the copy I managed to find of "the Holy Terror" is an ARC, a simple orange cover.

SQT said...

I'll keep an eye for the re-issue.

Right now I'm very distracted by the Beppo The Balding Super Monkey drawing on your sidebar. Very cool.

lee said...

Please don't shoot me if I say that it looks a little, to me, like one of the members of INXS :).