Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Been a few days since I made an appearance here. Nope,I didn't get on that Greyhound to Portland. Meth City. The city Richard Kimble ran from Lt. Gerard in three separate episodes. Earl Emerson wrote a book called THE PORTLAND LAUGHER, but during the course of the book, you find out that Emerson took that phrase from a radio show host from that Oregon city. (Sid Williams sent me some of the Emerson Thomas Black mysteries when I was recovering from blood poisoning in my right elbow back in '01. So I copied him by stealing my blog title from an episode of LOST. This is a rambling post, the result of my (still here at work) putting in 27 hours in two days. But at least it keeps me off the bus to Portland. I got me a bridge and a noose waiting for me there, when this life doesn't need me anymore...Wayne


Anonymous said...

Keep passing that bus station, Dude!

Charles Gramlich said...

Portland is over rated.

James Robert Smith said...

Did the Beppo illustration come from the cat who drew MARVELS? If so, how did you get him to do that? Was it a commission? Does he just like you?

If that's not the guy who drew MARVELS, forget I wrote this. (I haven't read comics in many years.)

Titles are always a bitch for me. I have, on occasion, asked for help with titles. I may someday ask you for such help.