Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stark Images On Yet Another B&W Night

There was a time when my arm had a funny shape to it. Well, a funnier shape. The second photo (well, scan) shows the hardware that was in my left arm after it was shattered in 1989. A friend of mine was telling me recently about some body piercings she had that didn't take, her body rejected them. Well, the same happened with the plates, they kept breaking, or unscrewing, and then breaking, even after even wider plates were placed inside me. Finally, the doctors gave up and grafted part of my right hip into my arm. (I have since told etain that all my body modifications were purely accidental--all 37 scars--or caused by dumb Polak luck. I have no truly workable circulatory system in my left hand. But I'm not complaining. Take a look at the new hand of Stan Weiskopf, one of the embedded reporters in Iraq. Pictured in TIME holding the last page he ever wrote on with his now-disintegrated hand. It's people like Stan as much as the joy of reading and tormenting my fellow writers that keep me at this one-fingered pecking with the howling wind as my companion. Goodnight everyone. Wayne


Charles Gramlich said...

My left shoulder has a bit of an odd shape to it these days since I broke the collar bone. It sort of slopes down. But, alas, I had no cybernetic parts implanted in me. Perhaps the machine rejected me.

Drizel said...

It's like when I was in a very bad accident with my best friend at that time. My foot was badly broken and I had to learn how to walk again. When rain and winter comes I walk in pain, but I can walk thank goodness, my friend was left paralised from the hips down. We need to be thankful for every little thing we can do, cause tommorow all this can change.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Welcome thoughts you both of you. Etain, I have only met Charles several times over the life of my writing career, yet I had him write the introduction to my last collection of my stories. Maybe its better to be rejected for body implants than for the worth of your writing. And you are right etain, live each day as if you were dying. I wish I still had the energy to do that, ha ha. But I seem to feel more "immortal" when the sun shines down and the temperatures are about 80 degrees warmer. Until then, I must count on endless friendships for my immortality. Goodnight to you both, and may you dream of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and ice cream rivers.

Sidney said...

It pays to be careful, I agree. I hopped off a retaining wall in my yard in an effort to apprehend my cat, who was making one of his frequent escape attempts.

When I landed and screwed up my ankle, fortunately it scared him back to our house.

Unfortunately--though that was two days before Christmas--only now am I to the point where all of the problems seem to have diminished.

dharmabum said...

thanks for dropping by!

am gonna read more of your posts at leisure, but the first one - well, wat do i say? my mommy had one of those when she fell off her scooter.

me, i been lucky so far. i say that coz every now and then, i hit the road with my mobike. have had quite a few accidents on the road, and escaped pretty much unhurt each time :)

that guy in iraq - boy, is that for real? and how did u smash ur arm, btw?

Itsnopicknick said...

u really are frankenstein!! hey, im think i missed it somewhere...but what does B&W stand for? Blustery and windy, boring and wet...all out of ideas

RK Sterling said...

Been enjoying the photos, Wayne. From the pics & the posts, sounds like we're all the walking wounded in one way or another. I won't even get into my stuctural issues. :)

So, umm...speaking of one fingered's that new novel coming along? You didn't think we'd forgotten, did you? :)